I Am An Artist - Give Me More Cowbell!

Email us on the link provided below.

Please describe the type of music you play and include a link to your music (myspace, sonicbids, etc) along with your contact details.

We are looking for several new bands for our launch and an intake of new bands each quarter.

We will listen to everyone's music and reply to each artist.

That is the Cowbell Music promise.

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On a final note....Cowbell Music wishes to pay homage to the following:

Saturday Night Live for the now infamous Cowbell Skit - inspirational beyond imagination.

Terry McBride and Nettwerk for allowing us to incorporate their beliefs into our mission
"The High Tide Floats The Boat!"




“The future of music is about to be turned on its head. Are You Ready?”

Terry McBride, CEO, Nettwerk Music, Canada

There is a lot of talk about the Future of Music. You don’t need a crystal ball or be struck by lightning to see the truth of the industry. The industry is in trouble. The inmates have now taken over the asylum. No longer satisfied with the status quo, artists are searching for a way to connect to their fans just as fans are looking to connect with their favourite artist. Like two sides of a coin the music industry has the fan on one side and the artist on the other with no way of bringing them together.

Cowbell is coming! A conduit, a hub, a missing piece of the puzzle that connects the artist with the fan. This is the true Future of Music.

  • The Future of Music is to empower artists to make their own choice about what music they wish to release, what format they want to use and truly make a connection with fans. Release music that has passion rather than songs written for airplay. True fans want to hear the passion in the songs.
  • The Future of Music is to provide fans with access to the artists, intimate and personal, allowing the fan to share the journey the artist is travelling on and even helping the artist on their way.
  • The Future of Music is “collapsed copyright”. Cowbell will encourage its artists to record under their own label. Cowbell will represent the artists, but the bands retain ownership of all intellectual property.
  • The Future of Music is embracing “feels like free” downloads and the peer-to-peer network. Studies show that albums containing songs that were offered free sell more than those with no free downloads. The free downloads allow fans to connect with a song as well as the artist as an emotional brand and are more likely to purchase the album. This is how we can Save the Music Fan.
  • The Future of Music is not ISP’s reporting to the music industry about an illegal download. It is about labels giving fans a reason to download music, such as allowing them to remix a song, sharing songs with friends like the mixed tapes of the 80’s, getting excited about a new song they have heard and telling all their friends about an awesome new band they have found.
  • The Future of Music is Digital 2.0 – mobile music, readily accessible music on the go. Programs that connect with the digital download sites and offer suggestions based on the users preferences. Smart programs that adapt to the users change in taste.
  • The Future of Music is treating music like water. Music readily available whenever it is needed and as important to life as water is to the body. The ability to buy music will be as easy as turning on a tap.
  • The Future of Music is emotion, connections that remind us of times in the past, people we have met, places we have been and the life we have lived. Written with one type of emotion by an artist, a song can evoke a new emotion in a fan, instantly transporting them back to the moment they first heard it. Make music for emotion not for sales.

Cowbell represents one of a few labels around the globe that share the same vision that the Future of Music is change. Labels like Nettwerk Music in Canada and Oakland Records in US. Labels that care about the music, the artists and the fans.

Cowbell will be launching soon. Be part of the Future of Music. Are you ready for the future?